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I work from all sorts of unusual and beautiful places around the world, but New Zealand is my home base.

Skype: flockofsquirrels

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the question about budget?

I want to make sure we’re realistic about the scope and cost of your project. I’m not here to waste your time!

I’m a professional copywriter that’s skilled in conversion copy. I’ve learned from the best and I pass my knowledge on to my clients in the form of high-performing websites, emails, and brand strategy. If your budget is low, I’m happy to refer you to some great junior copywriters in my network!

Do I really need customer research?

If you haven’t done any customer research for your company in the last 12 months, then YES! YESYESYESYES!

Research is the foundation of the conversion copy process. It’s invaluable for getting to know your customers and grow your business.

You might think it’s unnecessary and expensive, but guesswork is pretty expensive too.


Who do you work with?

I work with B2B and SaaS companies that have a great product and an established customer base.

I also help marketing agencies with both in-house and client projects.

Why do you charge in USD?

99% of the companies I work for are based in the USA, so my brain kind of works in US dollars now.

How do we keep in touch during the project?

We’ll keep in touch using email. If something’s urgent or needs more clarification, we can jump on a Zoom call any time.

Can you help me with SEO blog posts?

Sure! My blog packages start at $1,200 for 4 posts. Research and images included, but BYO keywords.

Do you work with clients overseas?

I work with clients all over the world, mostly in the USA.

I’ve been working remotely for 3 years and I’m skilled and super organized, so it’s easy for us to work together.