Is your SaaS speak overwhelming your audience? Are your sign-ups signing off? Is your churn off the chart?

I can help take the WTF out of your CX with marketing copy that bridges the gap between your customers and your products.

Jargon doesn’t sell. Boring doesn’t sell. People crave simple, approachable (and maybe even…fun!), copy that gets down to business.


SEO blog posts

Data-driven, researched articles to build your authority, educate and entertain your audience, and improve your organic search rankings. If your long and short form content pieces are boring your readers to tears, please let me rescue them.

Emails for onboarding & retention

Welcome your subscribers, give them an excellent onboarding experience, and turn them into loyal fans with useful and valuable retention emails. It’s a recipe for happier customers, reduced churn and increased monthly revenue.


Video scripting

Videos are one of the top-performing marketing assets for SaaS companies. I can help you create fun and engaging scripts that get attention. Maybe even a complete animated video if that’s your style!

Landing Pages

Weapons-grade landing pages that are created with laser-focused conversion copywriting techniques. Fast turnaround times and full design service available for a complete, ready-to-market solution. 

Case studies

Is your company being inundated with hugs and kisses from happy customers? Time to capture that valuable feedback as an evergreen  case study to use for your marketing. Full design service available.

Ebooks & whitepapers

Lacking in lead magnets? Wimpy whitepapers? Your long-form sales content should be out there working hard to capture leads and persuade  decision-makers to choose your company over those other guys.

Turn your potential customers into Viking warriors loyal fans!


Case Studies – Your Supercharged Marketing Weapon

If you’re a business owner, chances are you have happy customers willing to give you some great testimonials. You might be wondering how you can take these success stories further and use them as conversion tools to increase your leads and sales. Case studies are one...

Why bots mean business

The golden rule of marketing is to engage with your customers in the places they spend the most time. Today, most of us spend a LOT of time pretending to work while we’re (not so) secretly checking out our social feeds every five minutes. It’s a bad habit, but one...

8 Free Plugins You Need To Improve Your WordPress Website

Starting your WordPress website is easy, but choosing from the thousands of fun plugins can be a little overwhelming. Don’t be tempted by shiny object syndrome - the important thing to remember is that the more plugins you install, the slower your website will get,...

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