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Too many growth-focused B2B and SaaS companies struggle to find the right message and stand out from the crowd.

I can help you find your ideal customers and make it easy for them to say YES to doing business with you.  


Find more (and better!) leads and turn them into enthusiastic subscribers


Brand voice

No matter if you’re weird, playful, or arms-crossed-deadly-serious, your perfect customer is out there waiting to find you.

You just need to find yourself first!

Strengthen your brand voice and strategy and stand out from those other guys.

Website Copy

If you think you need better website copy, you do.

Do you secretly wish your website was a laser-focused tractor beam with dual thrusters, rendering customers helpless and desperate to do business with you? I know you do.

If your website is wimpy, wonky, or woeful –  your customers KNOW. Let’s fix it.


Are you still underestimating the power of emails? Really?

If your emails aren’t converting like The Fonz on a Friday night, it means you’re losing dollars.

Emails are one of the most effective ways to boost conversions and increase customer retention.

tired of guesswork?

I’ve spent a ton of time (and $$$) learning and training with THE BEST conversion experts

  • I invest in ongoing training so I know what works…and what doesn’t.
  • I specialize in conversion copy for B2B and SaaS. If you hire someone who writes about puppies and knitting, we know how that’s probably going to end up.
  • I’m as excited about your business as you are because I LOVE solving problems. And getting results!

hire me if… 

  • You want a copywriter that listens to your needs and solves your problems with flair and dedication.
    Note: gummi bears may be harmed during this time.

  • You’re looking for a copywriter who understands why MRR, ACV, LTV, and churn keep you awake at night.
  • You need more sign-ups, more sales, and customers that can’t stop talking about you.
  • You like things to run smooooothly and to deadline. Every time.

I worked directly with Rachael on an email project and let me tell you about the heart and talent in this copywriter! She’s more than a copywriter: she’s a strategist and valued partner. Rachael thinks of angles you didn’t and creates compelling email campaigns that lead to massive results. Hire her now before she’s completely booked!

Val Geisler

Fix My Churn

Rachael has written some of the most popular stories on our blog; content that not only piques the interest of our audience but keeps them coming back for more and on a regular basis.

With her help, we have seen a rapid increase in newsletter sign-ups and lead conversions.

Derek Erwin

Lighter Capital

Neil Gaiman said that to be a successful freelance writer, you need only two of the following three attributes: you need to be reliable, good at writing, or friendly. Fortunately, Rachael is all three.

Ben Stephenson


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