SaaS Copywriter & Growth Strategist


Strategy, optimization, and messaging for

B2B and SaaS companies that want more

conversions from their websites and emails.


Too many B2B and SaaS companies struggle to speak human and create the emotional connection between product and customer that leads to conversions.

I can help you find the right message and make it easy for people to say YES to doing business with you.  


Brand personality and persuasive copy can have a huge impact on your business.

Like, Godzilla in platform heels huge.

Turn your old website around with profitable copy that connects with the right people

Website & Landing Page copy

My process blends customer analysis, strategy, and data-driven messaging so your products and services pretty much sell themselves.

  • On-brand copy that speaks directly to your customers’ pains and desires, deals with their objections, then motivates them to act
  • Messaging that strikes the right balance of purposeful and playful to connect with your ideal audience.

  • Establish your company as an authority and the perfect solution for your customers

Churn-busting emails to power up your onboarding, trial-to-paid, and retention strategies

Email sequences

Optimizing your email sequences for conversions are one of the fastest, most effective ways to nurture your clients, increase your MRR, and cash in on some sweet expansion revenue.

  • Increase your trial to paid conversions

  • Improve your retention rates

  • Pump up the volume on your open and click throughs

Find your brand voice, capture your company personality, and attract your ideal customers

Brand voice & messaging

Your customers are out there waiting to find you. But first, you need to nail your brand voice, messaging, and unique value proposition.

  • Find the voice of your actual customers
  • Strengthen your positioning in the market

  • Reveal why people love your brand, buy from you, and then tell their friends

I worked directly with Rachael on an email project and let me tell you about the heart and talent in this copywriter! She’s more than a copywriter: she’s a strategist and valued partner. Rachael thinks of angles you didn’t and creates compelling email campaigns that lead to massive results. Hire her now before she’s completely booked!

Val Geisler

Fix My Churn

Rachael has written some of the most popular stories on our blog; content that not only piques the interest of our audience but keeps them coming back for more and on a regular basis.

With her help, we have seen a rapid increase in newsletter sign-ups and lead conversions.

Derek Erwin

Lighter Capital

Neil Gaiman said that to be a successful freelance writer, you need only two of the following three attributes: you need to be reliable, good at writing, or friendly. Fortunately, Rachael is all three.

Ben Stephenson


Looking for a copywriting strategist who understands why

retention and churn keep you awake at night?

You’re in the right place

Rachael here!

You can think of me as your sales fixer. 

I specialize in increasing leads and subscribers for SaaS and B2B companies who are ready to GROW.

Clients enjoy working with me because:

  • I get results
  • I’m modest too!
  • I’m a friendly expert, equipped with a good sense of humor and a whole lotta love for helping businesses grow and thrive.
  • Every project gets delivered on time and on budget

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