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You’re in an exciting, fast-paced industry and your messaging should reflect this.

Your customers crave clear, relatable, and friendly copy that gets down to business.

If you’re Looking for a writer who has…

  • A clearly defined process from initial contact through to final copy delivery
  • The organization skills of an Imperial stormtrooper regiment
  • A frown line that works overtime to unravel your conversion mysteries
  • Passion and fascination for the world of startups
  • A genuine desire to get data-driven results and growth for your business

…AND a writer who KNowS 

  • The ins and outs of subscription business models
  • Why ACV, LTV, MRR, and CAC keep you awake at night
  • How to get your customers to open up about your product
  • How to turn customer research into high-converting copy
  • That customer-focused, benefit-driven copy means more sign-ups, increased sales, and less churn


Landing pages

Got customers? Great! Want more? Even better!  Landing pages are like the big squeezy hug of the conversion world. No pushy sales copy, no credit card required – just one streamlined page that shows people how much more awesome their lives will be after they opt in to your offer. Landing pages should fit seamlessly into your lead gen flow, but they also need to stand alone as a powerful lead capture tool. My conversion copy process gives you a head start on getting a great return on your ad spend.

Lifecycle emails

Are you still underestimating the mighty power of emails? Really? They’re one of the most effective marketing channels known to man, and optimizing them can have an almost immediate effect on your revenue. If your emails aren’t converting like The Fonz on a Friday night, it’s time to rethink your frameworks. Research your customers, stalk your competitors (in a non-creepy way), and reach those revenue goals faster.


Landing page & email audits

If you have existing funnels and pages in place, you might not need to start from scratch with new landing pages and emails. A thorough review and recommendations on how to increase conversions can be the difference between getting your customers from A to B in an ’87 Honda and chauffering them to your SaaS party in a Lamborghini. Audits are a fast, easy way to get your copy working harder. 

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