The golden rule of marketing is to engage with your customers in the places they spend the most time. Today, most of us spend a LOT of time pretending to work while we’re (not so) secretly checking out our social feeds every five minutes. It’s a bad habit, but one that has turned into a massive win for businesses looking to attract and retain customers.

Bots can be found in many places, but we’re going to focus on Facebook’s messenger platform for the purpose of this post.

Messenger users clocked in at 1.2 billion in 2017, with an estimated total of 5 billion users across all social platforms. It’s no surprise that the number of active bots per month is around 100,000 because this is where consumers live now. People are increasingly able to manage many aspects of their daily tasks and purchases without ever having to leave the messenger platform.

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Source: Techcrunch

Big brands are embracing the capabilities of messenger marketing, using their bots as adept virtual assistants that can manage a variety of customer service tasks. Take Mastercard’s bot, for example. It allows users to check their accounts, review spending, and make payments and purchases – all within the messenger app.

Bots are powerful already, but their capabilities are growing as AI gets smarter and more intuitive.

Chatbots vs Emails

Email is a crowded marketplace. While it’s still an effective marketing tool, almost every business on the planet regularly sends out emails sequences and promotional marketing in the hope of capturing new customers and keeping the existing ones.

Be honest, how many of us delete most of the emails in our inbox every day without even opening them?

Inboxes are overflowing. People are growing tired of opting in, double opting-in and having to manually unsubscribe themselves from hundreds of mailing lists. It’s no wonder there are now apps like SaneBox popping up to keep us…well…sane.

While the GDPR email notice onslaught caused a horrible few weeks for everyone, it’s something people have come to refer to as “The Great Cleansing”. An automatic unsubbing from all those lists we had forgotten we were on or had been too lazy to remove ourselves from. Ahhh. Cleansing.

In comparison, chatbots have far less friction for customers. Opting in and out is easier. Clicking a button is faster than filling out forms on a website, and chatbots are available to help when customers need them most. Emails…not so much.

Click through rates on emails tend to be around 3%, while bot broadcast click-through rates on messenger can be as high as 70-80% on average. If you’re a business that hasn’t used chatbot tech yet, I’m sure you’ll agree this is fairly significant!

Is a bot for your business?

Whether you’re a sole trader, a start-up a small business or an enterprise company, there’s a bot just waiting to help you with your marketing – tailored and scripted for your exact needs. Bot marketing is a channel that’s set for huge growth within the next 5 years – is your business ready?

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