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Website copy optimization

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Full & half-day rates

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Need something improved or written urgently? Wish you’d found me yesterday, even?

Day rates are perfect for you and your team if:

  • You want your copy written in the next few days and cant wait 3-4 weeks to book your project in.
  • You don’t have the budget for a complete copy overhaul right now.

How it works:

Book my calendar for a half day (3 hours) or a full day (7 hours) of my time.

This is where I get someone to hide my phone, have a pile of snacks and coffee at the ready, and give all my attention to YOU.

What can I get done in a full day?

 As examples:

  • Optimization of up to 5 pages of your website to boost conversions
  • Strategize and write an email sequence from scratch (5-7 emails)
  • Write 1-2 new website pages


Instantly book your day rate below, or contact me for half-day bookings


High-performing onboarding & trial-to-paid emails

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Website audits

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Have you invested a bunch of time and money in your website, but you’re not getting the results you want? Allow me.

A website audit helps you assess what’s happening (…or not happening) on your site right now.

It’s fast — and effective.

An audit gives you a clear picture of what you could be doing better, and whats tripping you up on the road to higher conversions.

It’s not just about copywriting!

Audits take into account the entire user experience from the moment they stumble curiously onto your website.

This might include things like:

  • Unique value proposition
  • Flow
  • Design
  • SEO
  • Navigation
  • Brand messaging and voice
  • Customer awareness levels

Audits are perfect if:

  • You know your website isn’t working as well as it could
  • Your business has grown, but your website hasn’t
  • You dont have expertise in-house to help with optimization
  • You dont have the time or resources to
  • You’re too close to your project to evaluate everything from a user perspective
  • You don’t have the time or budget right now to get a complete copy and design overhaul

How it works:

Book your audit

Book and pre-pay for your audit

Video brief

I’ll send through a brief for you to fill in so I can understand more about your goals, offers, ideal clients, traffic sources, and current business challenges.

Video audit

A 30-45 minute video review of your core website pages

Transcript and recommendations

A complete video transcript, plus a summary sheet of actionable tips you can use to start improving your conversions NOW.

Following up

30 minute follow-up call to discuss any questions or feedback you have about your optimization audit

Get in touch about your project