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I love creating video scripts, and I LOVE animation! Way back in 1998 when eyeball webcams were a thing (are they still a thing?). I spent a whole week of my University study break making an animated wizard out of plasticine. He would shuffle onto the screen, shake his wizardly staff at the camera, and shuffle off.

It was pretty bad. I know this because I still have the video on hard drive. But it felt like a huge sense of achievement at the time, and I guess in its own way, it was. While all of my friends were using their webcams to practice their duck-faces in anticipation of the invention of smart-phones and selfies, I was in pursuit of more creative things.

Today, animation programs make it faster and easier to create some pretty cool video explainers that capture a sense of Wallace & Gromit-style wonder.

Video gets three times the engagement of any other online marketing content. If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to engage your audience with news about your products and business, or to educate viewers with quick tips, video should be one of your go-to solutions.

Here’s a quick animation I made for SaaS companies, suggesting some quick tips they can use to audit their emails for better engagement and retention of customers.

If you’re looking for video explainers for your business, drop me an email and let’s talk!