As a founder or part of a marketing team, you’re constantly under the gun to get a consistent stream of qualified leads into your sales funnel. When this doesn’t happen, your cash flow slows down, taking your company growth along for the ride.

PPC ads are often the start of your lead gen journey. There’s a lot of room for error here in terms of planning and targeting the leads you need to help you reach your goal. Depending on your industry and target keywords, the cost of capturing new leads has the potential to drain your budget in a spectacular fashion.

Even for seasoned PPC pros, there’s still room for error as you move further along the funnel.

We’re all familiar with the inbound marketing diagram moving people from being curious passers-by to becoming customers. But what happens after that? Why do customers start to drop out of your carefully planned lead generation flow?

saas friction funnels


In many cases, the answer comes down to one small but annoying word: FRICTION. This is a force that creates a mental resistance in your customer to learning more about your company and your product.

Friction can strike at any point in your funnel for various reasons, including: 

PPC ad

  • Design – not “scroll-stopping” enough to grab attention.
  • Copy – lack of benefits for the prospect, too long, too short, or not enough “hook” to get a prospect to click through to your landing page.
  • Button copy – might not be sending the right message to get the click.

Landing page

  • Design – too busy, too dark, poor or mismatched stock images
  • Messaging – doesn’t match the ad that led the customer here
  • Headline – uninspiring, with no hint of the benefit to the customer
  • Copy – doesn’t press the pain points for the prospect, doesn’t give enough benefits of how entering their details to claim the offer will ease their pains.
  • Thank you/response page – the path to claim the offer that is given in exchange for a prospect’s details is confusing, unwelcoming, or non-existent, or there’s a broken link that prevents a download.


  • Welcome email – time delay after signing up from the landing page is too long, instructions for downloading the landing page offer is unclear, broken links preventing the prospect from claiming their download.
  • Follow-up emails – often non-existent or creating no desire in a prospect. Emails are a crucial marketing channel to nurture prospect into a longer-term relationship with your company. If your emails are weak, your chances of getting a prospect to take up a free trial or a paid subscription are exponentially lowered.

Of course, a prospect might have only had a passing curiosity in your offer and not be ready sign up or buy. But for the rest of them, there are a lot of common gaps like the ones above where your customers can simply slip through the gaps and disappear.

Optimizing the design, strategy, and copy of your lead generation funnels can make a huge difference to your campaigns. It can be the fastest, easiest way to save money on your ad spend, convert more qualified leads, and increase your sales.

If you think your lead generation flow or emails could be converting better, I offer power audits that analyse all the moving parts that make up your funnels – giving you actionable insights into increasing their performance. Click here to learn more.