I love awesome clients + you love getting results
= let’s see if we’re a good fit!


Initial call


What are your goals?

Why do you need help right now?

Do you have a budget in mind?

Have you worked with copywriters before?

What will success look like for you once the project is complete?

What’s your favorite snack?


It’s a match!

I’ll draft a proposal based on what we discussed in the call.

This will cover your goals and problems – and my solutions.

There’s a firm quote in there too, so no WTF surprises along the way.

I’ll send the proposal to you super fast (usually the same day).


Note: if we’re not a good fit, we can still be friends! I’ll do my best to find another excellent copywriter (or two) to send your way


Proposal accepted.

We’re going to Huntly, baby!

(That’s a New Zealand joke. Nobody ever goes to Huntly.)

If everything looks good, I’ll send over a contract and invoice.

All projects require a 50% deposit up front (and 50% on delivery of your smart new copy)

I’ll book your project into my calendar.

We’re working together!


Customer analysis & strategy

I’m super organized and I like things to run as smooooth as Barry White eating a cream cheese bagel. I’m sure you do too.

I’ll send you ALL the templates you need to reach out to your customers for surveys and interviews. In a few clicks you can cut, paste, and send ‘em to your list. Nice.

I’ll set up your surveys. Stalk your competitors. Go down the data mine. Get jiggy with your customers. Okay, not jiggy – that would be weird.

Running interviews with your customers lets me get the conversion-boosting information that they’re too shy to share with you. Why they were looking for a solution, why they chose YOU, and how your product changed the face of their business.

What you get: A sharp, sophisticated PDF that contains the exact things you need to know about your audience. It’s the James Bond of customer dossiers.

Everything you need to get better leads, more sales, and more authority? It’s right here.


The writing part





More edits.

Still more edits.

Probably a few more edits, to be honest.


I’ll deliver the draft for you to look over. You’ll be thrilled, we’ll give each other a virtual fist-bump, and you’re ready to go live.


One last thing!

Testing the copy is a central part of the conversion process.

After 2-3 weeks, we’ll get in touch and see how things are performing. Using analytics and heatmaps, I can pinpoint parts of the copy that could be adjusted a little to improve conversions.

Testing, editing, and writing are an ongoing thing. Your business will grow and change, and your customers will evolve.

I’ll be here when you need me.

You read everything?

I think I like you already.