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Customer research & analysis

My process

SaaS copywriting, if it’s going to be successful, involves thorough research on your customers. Conversions can’t thrive in an environment where there’s no clear understanding of your customers’ real problems and needs.

We’ll have a short initial call to talk about your business and your goals. If we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll send you a proposal outlining what we’ve discussed, plus a firm quote. No unexpected $$ surprises along the way!

Before I begin any project, I’ll interview some of your best customers. I’ll also research your brand voice, style, and competitors.

Once this is complete, I plan and write — turning research into strategy and copy that’s finely tuned to fit your products and yours alone. Oh, and I’ll keep you updated every step of the way so you know your project is on track.

Once your copy is written...

I won’t love you and leave you. I like to think of the companies I work with as partners, and it’s exciting to be able to see the growth of the businesses I work with.

For landing pages and email sequences, I offer A/B testing options and iteration services that can be continued on a long-term basis. This allows me to keep track of your analytics and see exactly what needs to be improved in your copy to get you the best possible conversion rates.


Need design as well?

If you need a designer to give your landing pages or emails the finishing touch, I work in partnership with Xador Labs.  David has 15 years of experience designing for the world’s top brands and advertising agencies. You’ll be in good hands!



Straight up answers to those sticky questions…

Why do I need a conversion copywriter?

SaaS copywriting requires a good technical understanding, knowledge of industry jargon, and a clear focus on the ups and downs of subscription-based business models. You need a copywriter with the enthusiasm and curiousity to want to dig deeper into your business so they can figure out how to bridge the gaps between your product and your customers. 

Conversion copy can help unravel mysteries like why your unique visitors aren’t converting, why trial customers aren’t moving to paid, why your paid customers are churning like crazy, and how to get subscribers to stick around and become brand ambassadors.

Do I really need customer research?

If you haven’t done any customer research for your company in the last 12 months, then YES! And even if you have, it can always be more comprehensive. Research is a non-negotiable part of the conversion optimization process, because THIS is what will get you the results you’ve been dreaming about.

Diving into what your customer really want, and what they think, and feel about your product can open up a world of fascinating insights that you can use not only in your copy, but across your entire company as part of your sales, customer support, and wider marketing strategy.


Can we talk about…payment?

Sure, let’s get that outta the way 🙂

Custom projects require a 50% deposit, with a final instalment on delivery of your completed project. Copy audits must be paid in full before the project starts.

I use software that streamlines all my processes from proposals to  invoicing, with digital signing and secure credit card processing. I’m super organized and I like everything to be as seamless and stress-free for everyone as possible.

How can we keep in touch during a project?

We’ll keep in touch using email. If something’s urgent or needs more clarification, we can connect on a call using Zoom.

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I work remotely from all sorts of weird places, but New Zealand is my home base

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