Case Study


Defining a new value proposition and increasing demo requests



Shortlist is a SaaS product for businesses that employ remote freelancers and contractors as part of their workforce.

The platform helps companies move their scattered manual processes to a user-friendly, customizable dashboard. This enables businesses to source, onboard, assign work, and pay their freelancers in one place.


Optimizing Shortlist’s website copy for increased conversions


Shortlist is a startup in a growth phase. It already boasts some big-brand customers including Microsoft, GE, and L’oreal.

In their market, there is one main competitor and they need to keep a competitive edge.

Their unique value proposition and website copy were features-based, with no clear benefits positioning them as the clear choice for customers who were in a decision making stage.

Shortlist understood the value of the conversion copywriting process and how it could get them the results they needed.

They also wanted clarification around:

  • Who their customers are
  • Why customers were choosing their product
  • The problems that people were having when they were searching for a solution like Shortlist
  • How Shortlist had improved people’s businesses
  • Why people had switched from the competing product




Speak to the customers!

Using my Conversion Messaging Framework, I built out a detailed picture of:

  • Who Shortlist’s customer base is
  • The pains and needs that were important to customers when they were seeking solutions
  • Why customers chose Shortlist over the competition
  • What customers really think about Shortlist – both as a product and as a team

The completed framework revealed a strong value proposition that Shortlist can now use throughout their website messaging and wider marketing strategy.

It also revealed that Shortlist’s sales and support teams were highly regarded by the majority of customers, which in turn led to customers having a better experience and greater success with the product.


Analytics showed a conversion lift of people requesting a demo from 9% to 14% after the new copy was applied.

Once a customer has been through the demo, Shortlist’s sales team can “almost always close the sale” – so this conversion lift has the potential for solid gains in their growth rate.

Ready to talk about customers, conversionS, and all the other good stuff?