Got a smaller budget or copy that needs fixing NOW?

 I’ve got the answer – buy me for a day! Or overnight! (Yeah that sounds a bit weird…)

I can take care of all the stuff you’ve been meaning to get around to

How it works

Book a day

Click the bright red button at the bottom of the page to buy my day.

Once you’re booked and paid, I’ll send over a short contract for confirmation.

Strategy call

Once your booking’s made, we’ll schedule a 30-60 minute call to go through everything that you need writing or optimizing.

Planning & writing

On the day: I turn off my phone and turn on my brain. I’m all yours for 8 straight hours. Planning, writing, and editing are all taken care of while you do other fun things.


I hand over all your copy in Gdocs format, together with any detailed notes or recommendations I’ve made for you.

If you’re in an upside-down time zone, booking a day with me will mean
your copy gets written while you sleep!

It’s like having magical elves fix everything overnight that you’ve been putting off for aaages.
Wake up to shiny, fresh copy that’s ready to convert.

(p.s. I’m not actually a magical elf, so you’ll need existing copy, notes, or research that we can work from)

 Fresh conversion copy in a flash!